Suspender Attachment Styles

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The most difficult task with wearing suspenders is choosing the right type of attachment that compliments your look, and pants. There are different attachment styles and getting to pick the right one has a good endpoint.

There are 3 main types of suspenders:

  1. Clip-on suspenders
  2. Button-on suspenders
  3. Belt-clip suspenders

The table below shows the characteristics of the three suspender attachments, the most popular are bretels met aanknopingspunten voor aan je broek:

Clip-on Button-on Belt attachment
Look There are several varieties with some being formal while others are dressier. They vary slightly from button-on and are dressier. Have a traditional look. Button-on suspenders are deemed to be of high status and business related, and are commonly called braces Gives the combined effect of both suspender and a belt. They are found on more laid-back suspenders.
Reliability Clips come in greater varieties. The better the clip, the more expensive it becomes. No matter the quality, they all have a firm grip on the pants. These are an assurance that the suspenders will not come off your trousers as they offer impeccable resistance. They are advised you are sure the belt clip will fit properly round the waist. The width of the belt should be considered.
Ease of use These are easy to use, just clip-on. Some clips however are much easy to use than others. The only challenge is having to install buttons on all trousers in which you need to wear suspenders. Nonetheless, the ‘no sew’ buttons are a huge breakthrough. Have the same features as the clip on. However, the main difference the belt is the attachment point, or the suspender has a loop the belt passes into.


Types of clips

Finger clips: Are almost ½ inch in width and have a brass or nickel finish. High quality finger clips have a firm grip and snap when properly attached.

Construction clips: They are known to some as ‘alligator clips’ since they have large serrations. These are almost one inch wide and many prefer them since they offer a greater grip. They are dressier and their size also makes them somewhat functional. Construction clips are mostly found on 2 inch suspenders whose main purpose is holding heavier trousers and tools.

Side clip suspenders: Have only two clips that are found on both sides of the wearer (right and left). They are advised for persons who sit or drive for long periods since they have minimal pressure on the back of the wearer.

 Suspender clips

Types of button-on attachments

Button-on suspenders have a ‘moustache’ or a ‘rabbit ear’ shaped strip of a fabric that has a buttonhole at each end. These suspenders are commonly Y-back and have one attachment at the center of the back and two more attachments at the front.

The most famed category of button-on suspenders are the leather ends, which constitute leather, which is sewn together along the midline.

Suspender buttons

Runner-ends or fabric ends are found on pricey and high class suspenders, which are intended to grace formal events. The fabric gives this suspender a more sophisticated and formal look. Runner ends have similar functions as the leather ends suspenders.

There are suspenders that are made to suit occupations that involve a lot of heavy lifting and friction. These are the Firefighter, Rugged Comfort suspenders, which have an Industrial leather button-on attachment to give increased support and better fit than normal button-on suspenders. The difference is only in the looks and design but are all made to perform the same function.


Types of belt attachments

These type of suspenders are made to be worn alongside the belt rather than excluding the belt.

The Perry Belt Clips are named after their inventor. They are made of heavy duty plastic that fits around the circumference of the waist around the belt. These clips have an additional advantage since they are airport friendly. These type of suspenders if worn without a metal belt buckle, can cause you to bypass the airport security system without triggering any alarm.

Suspender hooks

Belt-loop style have a loop into which the belt slides through, just like belt loops.


Skinny vs. wide suspenders: What’s the best choice?

Choosing the correct width of suspenders is tricky since they are available in all manner of widths. There is no absolute width of suspenders to choose from. All widths are just fine since the choice would be hinged on the occasion or look that you are dressing for. Here is a demonstration on how to settle on the right width:

  • Skinny suspenders: these are not meant for formal appearances but rather are fashion statements. They are splendid since they go hand in hand with modern trends such as skinny jeans. They however are not so great in holding up your trousers.
  • Wide suspenders: these are more functional that stylish. They are excellent in holding trousers up, and give a stronger and bolder statement.
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