Differences in the way in which men and women wear suspenders

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The history of suspenders can be traced back to the 18th century, and were basically bands of ribbon. Initially, they were attached to trouser buttonholes and also comprised undergarment back in the day. Thanks to Albert Thurston in the 1820’s, an upgraded design of suspenders was made, still present to date. Suspenders became more prominent since they efficiently fulfilled the task in wearing high-waist trousers that were much common back then among men.

Suspenders are a basic need for the fashionable man: they are comfortable, yet are up to par with modern style.

What are suspenders?

These are long bands of fabric whose sole purpose is to maintain the level of your trouser. Suspenders are worn over the shoulders, and cling onto trousers by use of clips or buttons. The rear portion of a suspender has either “X”, or “Y”, or “H” shape which provide additional support and restricts the suspender from sliding into either side of your shoulders. The “H” variety are more prevalent to firefighters while the other two are the universal styles. Dat zijn goede bretels met knopen.


Styles that men wear suspenders

Suits: suspenders are catchy with a suit, however, they should never be worn if they are fabricated with clips; only buttons.  Suspenders are versatile: they both are spectacular with a normal tie or bow ties and can really bring out the vintage appearance in you if matched correctly.

The way that men wear suspenders is up to them. Fastening can be done prior to wearing the trouser or after, it’s just a matter of preference and taste.

Casual: many finishes can bring out a casual look: skinny, colored, printed, or even leather made. Fashion sense stipulates that suspenders look more attractive with shirts although with proper matching and mixing can also be worn with T-shirts. Confidence is the key when trying out a new design of suspenders, just never overdo it with unnecessary fashion statements which exaggerate the look.

Suspenders with a bow tie: this is an acceptable style for all times. The most important detail is color, and should not be overdone. Otherwise this is a huge plus altogether.

Suspenders with a vest: a clear cut difference should be made between formal and casual when rocking suspenders. Nonetheless, this style goes quite well in both spheres. It is a perfect outfit for dinner, attending class, a night out or even a formal occasion.

Suspenders with jeans: this may be difficult to successfully pull off. It is not as easy as picking a suspender from the drawer and voila! Much detail has to be paid when choosing your shirt as it should be in congruence with the desired look. Preferably put on a button up shirt or a flannel for an up-to-the-minute look. If you desire a strong-featured look, go for a dual clipped suspender.

Women suspenders

Women have a much wider variety to choose from, but many will still go for those with a thinner width for a less bulky look on smaller frames. Thin suspenders is the choice from many women. Ladies usually adorn themselves with suspenders to look bolder and to have her stand above the rest.

The following are some of the varieties of suspenders available for the fair sex:

1 inch

¾ inch

½ inch

1 ½ inch


Polka dot




Colors of female suspenders are diverse. There are solid colored range from neutral to neon, which may also include other varieties such as polka dots. The choice is yours and should be made after considering the wardrobe. Glitter suspenders are resourceful in adding glamor to daily life. If you are considering a getting that vintage look, choose the skinny suspenders which are also available in many color options to revive the old fashion.

Women suspenders are mainly furnished with clips. However, more daring ladies can go for those with buttons and still work as well for a variety of outfits. The clipped types have the X-back style with a chic nickel hardware for longevity and comfort for wearing the whole day. Female suspenders are a playful method of adding fun to almost any outfit.

 women's suspenders

Styles that women wear suspenders

With a skater skirt: works with any black skater skirt, and looks good with basically any outfit.

Business casual: suspenders are adorable with tailored outfits. Whether you’re heading out, or to the office, they bring out the office lady.

With baggy jeans: choose a neutral color of suspenders alongside baggy boyfriend jeans and oversized sweaters. To stand above the rest, use a variety of colors

With trousers: this takes fashion up a notch, while remaining complex and exquisite.

Draped over one shoulder: defy the norm and drape the suspender diagonally over one shoulder. Its stylish and one step ahead of fashion.

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