Choosing The Right Suspender Size And Width

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Coming to a decision on which suspender is the right one will all rest upon the physique of the wearer; the height, weight, musculature and body complexion. This, alongside the position at which you wear your trousers should be given deeper thought before buying a suspender.

To avoid having the wrong choice, you are obliged to take the relevant body measurements with a tape measure, of the person who is interested on a certain type of suspenders. The main measurement should begin at the front on the top of the waistband, all the way diagonally to the opposite shoulder, and finally to the point of attachment at the back to know how long the suspender needs to be.

 choosing suspender width

All suspenders have some amount of give to them

Elastic suspenders are stretchy while the non-elastic ones have an elastic piece just under the intersection point at the back which allows for stretching, in case the person who is wearing the suspender is bulky or has more muscle mass.

Nearly all suspenders can be adjusted courtesy of the metal adjusters that are strategically placed at the front. These are moved upwards or downwards to increase or decrease the entire length of the suspenders. It is advised that the metal adjuster should fall around the level of your chest for well-fitting size of suspenders. The position at which the metal adjuster is positioned depends on your chest measurements. For example, a 42 inch chest with a 42 inch suspender will have the metal adjuster closer to the trouser, while a 48 inch suspender will have the adjuster almost at the middle of your chest.


Sizing by height

It may be in vain to buy suspenders for someone as a gift without having them take measurements first. Very minimal errors can be made unconsciously and alter the whole appearance. In such instances, the best option would be to buy one while approximating the body build and also the height. The following illustration can be a quick guide when doing so:

Size Length of suspenders Generally fits people:
small 36 inches Under 5’6” tall
medium 42 inches 5’6” to 5’10” tall
large 48 inches 5’9” to 6’2” tall
X-large 52 inches 6’1” to 6’5” tall

These guidelines are more applicable in non-elastic or leather suspenders. Elastic suspenders are stretchier, however, the same approach should be undertaken.


How to choose the right width

There seems to be a huge tussle in getting to pick the right width of suspender, considering that it is made from very thin fabrics. However, the main theme to have in mind is that suspender designs are scaled; the more slender it is made, it looks more casual while wider ones are classic and formal.


.75” – skinny

Type: skinny

Look: adds more class and fashion to a casual look

Who: best on slender people

Wear with: khakis, T-shirts, jeans, dress shirts; worn over a slim fitting sweater

Wear to: casual date nights, weddings, office


1” – all terrain

Type: moderate between skinny and formal. It is considered as a good option for both casual and formal events.

Look: casual or dressy

Who: best look is on skinny people

Wear with: dress shirts and dress pants, T-shirts, khakis, jeans

Wear to: date night out, casual weddings, streetwear, and office casual


1.25” – modern

Type: this is best for 1.5” braces in males

Look: in between formal and casual. It can grace both outfits quite well

Who: suitable for almost all body figures from slender to bulky

Wear with: dress pants, jeans, khakis, suits or a tuxedo

Wear to: work, weddings, formal events, fundraisers, cocktail party, and as just casual wear


1.5” – traditional

Type: this is the best choice of suspenders in business and formal meetings

Look: dressy, formal, classy

Who: all body frames, from slim to bulky

Wear with: suit, tux, dress pants, dress shirt

Wear to: work and work occasions, formal meetings, fundraisers, red carpet events and chichi parties



Suspenders have been around longer than a century now and can become the ideal clothing accessory. They were meant to be worn as undergarment to serve the same purpose as the belt, but they nonetheless have become iconic in the 20th century, and are fashionable if seen. There are different varieties of suspenders all having very different finishes: the Y-back suspender and X-back suspenders which are made to either attach with buttons or clips. Fabrics of suspenders are either elastic or non-elastic which is a huge step in making sure everyone gets to have one that fits and is comfortable. Suspenders are not just meant to hold up pants, they are an easy way to stand up above the rest in the fashion industry, a bold statement that is acceptable for both formal and casual wear.




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