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Ways of promoting your restaurant at a festival

promotion at a festival

Ways of Promoting Your Restaurant at a Festival

There were days when decorating your restaurant only with colorful LEDs was enough to attract customers. But, since then, restaurant marketing has come a long way. Restaurant owners are constantly looking for new and fresh ideas how to promote their restaurant. Traditional marketing strategies still help restaurants, but the results can be enhanced by using some creative marketing ideas. In addition to social and print media, e-mail marketing and broadcast advertising, festivals are a great platform for marketing and displaying the best offerings of your restaurant to a large crowd. Recently, festivals are becoming big business for restaurants. They are growing with each year. They are an excellent medium to administer market research, to test your upcoming dishes and ideas, reach out to new customers, or show off how great your food really is. There are a lot of reasons to attend and promote your restaurant at a festival, no matter whether it’s specifically food festival or one that features food. It may cost you some money and time to prepare for it, but it’s a worthwhile experience.

If you are doubting whether your restaurant would benefit from attending a festival, continue reading to learn what you would get out of it:

  • Exposure to Relevant Audience

Festivals can prove wonders for your restaurant because they cater to a huge crowd. At food festivals, the prime audience is the foodies. So, if you make a good impression on them, there is a great probability that they will come and visit your place.

  • Keep up With Your Competitors

It’s important to know and learn from your competitors. Connecting with other restaurants can help you sep up in the industry. Also, you can gain insights about their strategies and tactical moves. You can certainly learn from them about some problems and how to avoid them.

  • Connect With Your Customers

It’ essential to interact with your customers because it will help you understand their expectations, likes, and dislikes. Also, such personal connection is crucial for building relationships with customers and get them to know your brand. This will also allow you generate a word of mouth marketing, too. And we all know that there is no better marketing strategy than that one.

  • Meet Potential Investors

Festivals can help you gather funding, not just customers. They are always visited by potential investors or people that look out for exceptional places to put their money into. If you’re looking for one, festivals are the right platform for you.

  • Publicity

By participating in a festival you get the opportunity to publicize your restaurant’s name by the festival’s marketing team. This happens through press releases, online and offline marketing, e-mail newsletters, and other types of promotion without you having to invest PR resources on your own.

In addition, we offer you some great ways of promoting your restaurant at a festival:

delicious festival food

  1. Booth Presentation

You’ll probably get your own space at the festival to put your booth. Your job is to decorate it so that it catches the visitors’ eyes. Make sure that you put a banner and promotional material that includes information about your restaurant. If possible, put a menu written in a large font that will tempt the passersby with your offerings. An appealing and professional menu design will attract customers and increase the traffic by 20%. Also, consider setting up flyers, printed napkins, or business cards on a stand so that people can take one. Once they fall in love with your food, it’s important to know how to find you. Choose the content and offerings that you’ll put on your promotional material carefully and don’t overdo with information.

  1. A Signature Dish

Make sure you offer a one-time dish at the festival- customers love them and it will help you stand out from all other restaurants. It’s important that your signature dish is interesting and adapted to a festival scene. You should be able to serve it tremendously fast and, at the same time, to sustain quality and consistency. Choose a dish that can be made easily and quickly. Maybe consider to scale down the size of the portion in order to make it more appealing to the festival-goers. Making the dishes as portable as possible is a great idea, too. Avoid soups and think of ways to put the food on sticks. People like their portions manageable.

  1. Staff

Bear in mind that working in a restaurant and at a festival are two very different things. Working on site can be tough experience with different challenges even for your trained staff. Make sure that you choose people that can quickly process orders, impress customers, and generate sales. Also, tell your employees what you expect from them. They need to know how to prepare food, be persuasive, and keep up their energy. A good marketing idea is the staff to wear T-shirts and caps with your restaurant’s logo on them. That way the  costumers will remember your restaurant’s name while they are waiting for their food to be prepared. Remember: the better the staff, the higher you can expect the sales to go.

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  1. Communicate With Other Restaurants

This is a crucial step because interacting with other restaurants will help you to understand the industry. You’ll learn things from people who have been in it for a longer time. They can share with you previous festival experiences and how did they get successful. You can gain helpful insight of all small things that you will need and which mistakes to avoid, too. Bottom line: it will help you present your restaurant in the best possible way.

Festivals are great opportunity to present your restaurant to the customers. Make sure you are fully prepared before you undertake such step. Festivals are a place where you need to display your best to the customers.  If they like your food at the festival, they will remember you next time they are thinking about a date restaurant.