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The Importance of Comparison Sites for Fashion Brands

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A good number of clients dig deeper into a product before settling on one. The current trend favors online marketing and this is the reason why more customers consult the internet before making any choice. In comparison to that, it is the driving force behind the recent influx in comparison search engines over the decade.

Information about one product is as vast as the ocean when using the internet. Nevertheless, there are more conventional means of advertising goods that a majority of people are used to including fashion brands, TVs, radio, catalogs etc. and can serve the same purpose as well.

Comparison Sites

Tagged with more than one name, comparison shopping websites (AKA comparison shopping engine, Comparison shopping agent, shopbot, Price Analysis Tool, and comparison website) is a tremendous piece of software which customers use to filter out products based on different criteria such as price, user reviews, specifications and other variables as well. is a fashion site that utilizes it. However, most comparison shopping sites don’t have actual stock but rather are just there for comparison purposes and nothing else.

The Benefits of Comparison Search Engines

Purchasing goods is now simpler than ever! The internet makes it possible for retailers to go one on one with customers by having such engines at their disposal and only have the best goods being selected. Therefore, in order to know how comparison engines affect customer-retailer interactions, it will be divided into two outlooks as follows:

Importance to Consumers

  1. Without a doubt, it is much easier to shop for a given product using CSEs without having to do a lot of research into it.
  2. Price comparison. People love a good discount. Goods that are sold at competitive prices tend to go out of stock faster. Thus, comparison shopping engines will let you know which products are set at the right prices, which have a discount and so on and you don’t have to call the retailers.
  3. More choices. You don’t have to know the exact description of what you are looking for. Just key in a vague outline and CSEs will give out all products with the same description and others which are related to it with respect to brand, colors and price as well.
  4. Never miss a sale. Shoppers are encouraged to subscribe to the online shopping service and get updated via email on new products or any shifts within the market. You may also get shopping advice if you are lucky.
  5. Reviews from actual customers. By using CSEs, you know the performance of a given product from the horse’s mouth. Customers often prefer purchasing goods and fashion brands that have more positive than negative reviews. You can have a peek in the reviews section as most websites have this in open display.
  6. Save on driving. Ideally, everything you need is at the touch of a button. It thus makes it utterly useless to drive through countless retail shops comparing products and wasting valuable time on the road. Why not try out comparison shopping engines now?

Importance to retailers

Customers are ready to buy: a big problem with fashion brands is that customer behavior is unpredictable and you have to woo them when they are ready to buy. You don’t enjoy as much time with customers as you wish to. Even though some people who use the comparison sites are not equipped to buy stuff from the online retail service, there still a few that make orders immediately after checking out a brand.

More leads for little effort: one good reason to sign up for comparison sites is to have more leads without parting with a large sum of money. It especially favors small fashion companies who don’t have as much man power as established ones and get to benefit equally.

Physical Retailers Are Losing Potential Customers

Were it not for comparison sites, buying fashion wear would still require a huge deal of hustle and bustle. However, we get to enjoy simplified online shopping and the ability to gauge different products and buying what suits the demand. Gone are the days when you bought something only to find out that it’s not what was on display, or its specifications are not as impressive as you thought. Retailers also get a good share of the deal and as it seems, it is paying off for both parties.

Retailers who are also based online and have comparison shopping engines get frequent buys which can give a hint to customer behavior, likes and dislikes. It also promotes friendly competitions as well as growth of small-scale fashion shops.


Before you buy anything next time, try using comparison shopping sites and get the best of what you are looking for. It is more suitable and competitive than having follow-ups in physical retail shops which may not even have the product you are looking for.

Social media marketing ideas for an online fashion store

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marketing strategies for fashion stores

Online fashion stores face a lot of challenges but one that clearly stands out is the directing of traffic to their sites. Competition is at its peak and knowing how to stand out from the other ecommerce stores is probably the surest way to increase traffic to your site. Next to making sure google indexing of your site is optimal of course.

The growth that has been witnessed in the ecommerce industry in recent times has only made it harder for the sites involved to attract the much needed traffic to keep them in business. When it comes to social media marketing, stakeholders in the fashion industries tend to have an upper hand. This is mainly because their work is a lot more colorful and glamorous compared to the other industries.

Strategies to help you increase traffic to your site and boost sales.

Finding the right marketing strategies and tactics that go hand in hand with the nature of your business is the key to growing your business. Social media is a well-known platform for promoting your online business. However, it takes a lot of effort and hard work to get your share of the social media followers.

Social media marketing requires time and it is best to get someone to do the tasks for you if your time is limited. A proper representation will be required in sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social network. You can also check out for new and upcoming sites to see the ones that can be of help to your business.

Below are some of the strategies that can be of help to you in your social media campaign.

  1. Update your content regularly

Ensuring regular updates is an easy way to grow your social media crowd. According to studies, different posting frequencies attract different reactions from different audiences. For this reason, test different posting frequencies while also checking out your competitors’ posting frequencies to enable you to get an idea of the one that suits your audience. The timing of your social media posting is equally important and you should pay attention to the time of the day that you make your posts. A minimum of one post a day is preferred on Facebook while it is okay to post up to 6 times a day on Twitter.

  1. Use Images When Posting to Facebook

Images can go a long way in increasing engagement on social media. Studies have shown that including images within your posts on Facebook is likely to generate over 50% more likes than an average post. To make your content more effective, whether it is a promotion or announcement, be sure to attach an image and the link to your site. This will help direct potential customers to your online fashion store. The results you will achieve just by adding an image to an otherwise text-based content will be much more significant.

  • Create style guides for your audience on how to wear or incorporate your products into their everyday life.

If you are selling shoes on your online fashion store, give your visitors and subscribers ideas on how to wear your shoes by sharing with them style guides. This will enable potential customers to find ways to include your items into their existing wardrobe.

Style guides are limitless and they give you a perfect opportunity to convince your clientele that they need your items to look fashionable. They can be seasonal, for special occasions or based on different themes such as work, weekend, travel and beach.

You can dedicate a section of your site to style guides, where you can offer detailed information on every item in your collection. You can also include interesting stories that are related to your items to capture your visitors’ attention.

  1. Offer a platform for product reviews on your site

Product reviews and customer feedback can be very effective in building trust among your clientele while offering insights on your items to potential customers. You can create a section on your website for product reviews and feedback.

You can also use apps such as Yotpo which are automated to give your clientele an easier way to review your products through emails. The app can also be connected to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and feeds them with generated product reviews.


Social media marketing is not only fairly easy and fun, it also provides a great platform to create awareness and increase sales. However, the results you will achieve from your marketing campaign will be largely determined by how well you follow the above mentioned guidelines and many others. Social media has probably become the largest platform for online marketing and you can greatly increase your brand awareness and sales if you utilize it. So how you use social media will determine the impact it will create on your online fashion store.