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The Importance of Comparison Sites for Fashion Brands

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A good number of clients dig deeper into a product before settling on one. The current trend favors online marketing and this is the reason why more customers consult the internet before making any choice. In comparison to that, it is the driving force behind the recent influx in comparison search engines over the decade.

Information about one product is as vast as the ocean when using the internet. Nevertheless, there are more conventional means of advertising goods that a majority of people are used to including fashion brands, TVs, radio, catalogs etc. and can serve the same purpose as well.

Comparison Sites

Tagged with more than one name, comparison shopping websites (AKA comparison shopping engine, Comparison shopping agent, shopbot, Price Analysis Tool, and comparison website) is a tremendous piece of software which customers use to filter out products based on different criteria such as price, user reviews, specifications and other variables as well. is a fashion site that utilizes it. However, most comparison shopping sites don’t have actual stock but rather are just there for comparison purposes and nothing else.

The Benefits of Comparison Search Engines

Purchasing goods is now simpler than ever! The internet makes it possible for retailers to go one on one with customers by having such engines at their disposal and only have the best goods being selected. Therefore, in order to know how comparison engines affect customer-retailer interactions, it will be divided into two outlooks as follows:

Importance to Consumers

  1. Without a doubt, it is much easier to shop for a given product using CSEs without having to do a lot of research into it.
  2. Price comparison. People love a good discount. Goods that are sold at competitive prices tend to go out of stock faster. Thus, comparison shopping engines will let you know which products are set at the right prices, which have a discount and so on and you don’t have to call the retailers.
  3. More choices. You don’t have to know the exact description of what you are looking for. Just key in a vague outline and CSEs will give out all products with the same description and others which are related to it with respect to brand, colors and price as well.
  4. Never miss a sale. Shoppers are encouraged to subscribe to the online shopping service and get updated via email on new products or any shifts within the market. You may also get shopping advice if you are lucky.
  5. Reviews from actual customers. By using CSEs, you know the performance of a given product from the horse’s mouth. Customers often prefer purchasing goods and fashion brands that have more positive than negative reviews. You can have a peek in the reviews section as most websites have this in open display.
  6. Save on driving. Ideally, everything you need is at the touch of a button. It thus makes it utterly useless to drive through countless retail shops comparing products and wasting valuable time on the road. Why not try out comparison shopping engines now?

Importance to retailers

Customers are ready to buy: a big problem with fashion brands is that customer behavior is unpredictable and you have to woo them when they are ready to buy. You don’t enjoy as much time with customers as you wish to. Even though some people who use the comparison sites are not equipped to buy stuff from the online retail service, there still a few that make orders immediately after checking out a brand.

More leads for little effort: one good reason to sign up for comparison sites is to have more leads without parting with a large sum of money. It especially favors small fashion companies who don’t have as much man power as established ones and get to benefit equally.

Physical Retailers Are Losing Potential Customers

Were it not for comparison sites, buying fashion wear would still require a huge deal of hustle and bustle. However, we get to enjoy simplified online shopping and the ability to gauge different products and buying what suits the demand. Gone are the days when you bought something only to find out that it’s not what was on display, or its specifications are not as impressive as you thought. Retailers also get a good share of the deal and as it seems, it is paying off for both parties.

Retailers who are also based online and have comparison shopping engines get frequent buys which can give a hint to customer behavior, likes and dislikes. It also promotes friendly competitions as well as growth of small-scale fashion shops.


Before you buy anything next time, try using comparison shopping sites and get the best of what you are looking for. It is more suitable and competitive than having follow-ups in physical retail shops which may not even have the product you are looking for.

Ways of promoting your restaurant at a festival

promotion at a festival

Ways of Promoting Your Restaurant at a Festival

There were days when decorating your restaurant only with colorful LEDs was enough to attract customers. But, since then, restaurant marketing has come a long way. Restaurant owners are constantly looking for new and fresh ideas how to promote their restaurant. Traditional marketing strategies still help restaurants, but the results can be enhanced by using some creative marketing ideas. In addition to social and print media, e-mail marketing and broadcast advertising, festivals are a great platform for marketing and displaying the best offerings of your restaurant to a large crowd. Recently, festivals are becoming big business for restaurants. They are growing with each year. They are an excellent medium to administer market research, to test your upcoming dishes and ideas, reach out to new customers, or show off how great your food really is. There are a lot of reasons to attend and promote your restaurant at a festival, no matter whether it’s specifically food festival or one that features food. It may cost you some money and time to prepare for it, but it’s a worthwhile experience.

If you are doubting whether your restaurant would benefit from attending a festival, continue reading to learn what you would get out of it:

  • Exposure to Relevant Audience

Festivals can prove wonders for your restaurant because they cater to a huge crowd. At food festivals, the prime audience is the foodies. So, if you make a good impression on them, there is a great probability that they will come and visit your place.

  • Keep up With Your Competitors

It’s important to know and learn from your competitors. Connecting with other restaurants can help you sep up in the industry. Also, you can gain insights about their strategies and tactical moves. You can certainly learn from them about some problems and how to avoid them.

  • Connect With Your Customers

It’ essential to interact with your customers because it will help you understand their expectations, likes, and dislikes. Also, such personal connection is crucial for building relationships with customers and get them to know your brand. This will also allow you generate a word of mouth marketing, too. And we all know that there is no better marketing strategy than that one.

  • Meet Potential Investors

Festivals can help you gather funding, not just customers. They are always visited by potential investors or people that look out for exceptional places to put their money into. If you’re looking for one, festivals are the right platform for you.

  • Publicity

By participating in a festival you get the opportunity to publicize your restaurant’s name by the festival’s marketing team. This happens through press releases, online and offline marketing, e-mail newsletters, and other types of promotion without you having to invest PR resources on your own.

In addition, we offer you some great ways of promoting your restaurant at a festival:

delicious festival food

  1. Booth Presentation

You’ll probably get your own space at the festival to put your booth. Your job is to decorate it so that it catches the visitors’ eyes. Make sure that you put a banner and promotional material that includes information about your restaurant. If possible, put a menu written in a large font that will tempt the passersby with your offerings. An appealing and professional menu design will attract customers and increase the traffic by 20%. Also, consider setting up flyers, printed napkins, or business cards on a stand so that people can take one. Once they fall in love with your food, it’s important to know how to find you. Choose the content and offerings that you’ll put on your promotional material carefully and don’t overdo with information.

  1. A Signature Dish

Make sure you offer a one-time dish at the festival- customers love them and it will help you stand out from all other restaurants. It’s important that your signature dish is interesting and adapted to a festival scene. You should be able to serve it tremendously fast and, at the same time, to sustain quality and consistency. Choose a dish that can be made easily and quickly. Maybe consider to scale down the size of the portion in order to make it more appealing to the festival-goers. Making the dishes as portable as possible is a great idea, too. Avoid soups and think of ways to put the food on sticks. People like their portions manageable.

  1. Staff

Bear in mind that working in a restaurant and at a festival are two very different things. Working on site can be tough experience with different challenges even for your trained staff. Make sure that you choose people that can quickly process orders, impress customers, and generate sales. Also, tell your employees what you expect from them. They need to know how to prepare food, be persuasive, and keep up their energy. A good marketing idea is the staff to wear T-shirts and caps with your restaurant’s logo on them. That way the  costumers will remember your restaurant’s name while they are waiting for their food to be prepared. Remember: the better the staff, the higher you can expect the sales to go.

bonbon food at a festival

  1. Communicate With Other Restaurants

This is a crucial step because interacting with other restaurants will help you to understand the industry. You’ll learn things from people who have been in it for a longer time. They can share with you previous festival experiences and how did they get successful. You can gain helpful insight of all small things that you will need and which mistakes to avoid, too. Bottom line: it will help you present your restaurant in the best possible way.

Festivals are great opportunity to present your restaurant to the customers. Make sure you are fully prepared before you undertake such step. Festivals are a place where you need to display your best to the customers.  If they like your food at the festival, they will remember you next time they are thinking about a date restaurant.

Social media marketing ideas for an online fashion store

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marketing strategies for fashion stores

Online fashion stores face a lot of challenges but one that clearly stands out is the directing of traffic to their sites. Competition is at its peak and knowing how to stand out from the other ecommerce stores is probably the surest way to increase traffic to your site. Next to making sure google indexing of your site is optimal of course.

The growth that has been witnessed in the ecommerce industry in recent times has only made it harder for the sites involved to attract the much needed traffic to keep them in business. When it comes to social media marketing, stakeholders in the fashion industries tend to have an upper hand. This is mainly because their work is a lot more colorful and glamorous compared to the other industries.

Strategies to help you increase traffic to your site and boost sales.

Finding the right marketing strategies and tactics that go hand in hand with the nature of your business is the key to growing your business. Social media is a well-known platform for promoting your online business. However, it takes a lot of effort and hard work to get your share of the social media followers.

Social media marketing requires time and it is best to get someone to do the tasks for you if your time is limited. A proper representation will be required in sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social network. You can also check out for new and upcoming sites to see the ones that can be of help to your business.

Below are some of the strategies that can be of help to you in your social media campaign.

  1. Update your content regularly

Ensuring regular updates is an easy way to grow your social media crowd. According to studies, different posting frequencies attract different reactions from different audiences. For this reason, test different posting frequencies while also checking out your competitors’ posting frequencies to enable you to get an idea of the one that suits your audience. The timing of your social media posting is equally important and you should pay attention to the time of the day that you make your posts. A minimum of one post a day is preferred on Facebook while it is okay to post up to 6 times a day on Twitter.

  1. Use Images When Posting to Facebook

Images can go a long way in increasing engagement on social media. Studies have shown that including images within your posts on Facebook is likely to generate over 50% more likes than an average post. To make your content more effective, whether it is a promotion or announcement, be sure to attach an image and the link to your site. This will help direct potential customers to your online fashion store. The results you will achieve just by adding an image to an otherwise text-based content will be much more significant.

  • Create style guides for your audience on how to wear or incorporate your products into their everyday life.

If you are selling shoes on your online fashion store, give your visitors and subscribers ideas on how to wear your shoes by sharing with them style guides. This will enable potential customers to find ways to include your items into their existing wardrobe.

Style guides are limitless and they give you a perfect opportunity to convince your clientele that they need your items to look fashionable. They can be seasonal, for special occasions or based on different themes such as work, weekend, travel and beach.

You can dedicate a section of your site to style guides, where you can offer detailed information on every item in your collection. You can also include interesting stories that are related to your items to capture your visitors’ attention.

  1. Offer a platform for product reviews on your site

Product reviews and customer feedback can be very effective in building trust among your clientele while offering insights on your items to potential customers. You can create a section on your website for product reviews and feedback.

You can also use apps such as Yotpo which are automated to give your clientele an easier way to review your products through emails. The app can also be connected to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and feeds them with generated product reviews.


Social media marketing is not only fairly easy and fun, it also provides a great platform to create awareness and increase sales. However, the results you will achieve from your marketing campaign will be largely determined by how well you follow the above mentioned guidelines and many others. Social media has probably become the largest platform for online marketing and you can greatly increase your brand awareness and sales if you utilize it. So how you use social media will determine the impact it will create on your online fashion store.




Suspender Attachment Styles

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Suspender buttons

The most difficult task with wearing suspenders is choosing the right type of attachment that compliments your look, and pants. There are different attachment styles and getting to pick the right one has a good endpoint.

There are 3 main types of suspenders:

  1. Clip-on suspenders
  2. Button-on suspenders
  3. Belt-clip suspenders

The table below shows the characteristics of the three suspender attachments, the most popular are bretels met aanknopingspunten voor aan je broek:

Clip-on Button-on Belt attachment
Look There are several varieties with some being formal while others are dressier. They vary slightly from button-on and are dressier. Have a traditional look. Button-on suspenders are deemed to be of high status and business related, and are commonly called braces Gives the combined effect of both suspender and a belt. They are found on more laid-back suspenders.
Reliability Clips come in greater varieties. The better the clip, the more expensive it becomes. No matter the quality, they all have a firm grip on the pants. These are an assurance that the suspenders will not come off your trousers as they offer impeccable resistance. They are advised you are sure the belt clip will fit properly round the waist. The width of the belt should be considered.
Ease of use These are easy to use, just clip-on. Some clips however are much easy to use than others. The only challenge is having to install buttons on all trousers in which you need to wear suspenders. Nonetheless, the ‘no sew’ buttons are a huge breakthrough. Have the same features as the clip on. However, the main difference the belt is the attachment point, or the suspender has a loop the belt passes into.


Types of clips

Finger clips: Are almost ½ inch in width and have a brass or nickel finish. High quality finger clips have a firm grip and snap when properly attached.

Construction clips: They are known to some as ‘alligator clips’ since they have large serrations. These are almost one inch wide and many prefer them since they offer a greater grip. They are dressier and their size also makes them somewhat functional. Construction clips are mostly found on 2 inch suspenders whose main purpose is holding heavier trousers and tools.

Side clip suspenders: Have only two clips that are found on both sides of the wearer (right and left). They are advised for persons who sit or drive for long periods since they have minimal pressure on the back of the wearer.

 Suspender clips

Types of button-on attachments

Button-on suspenders have a ‘moustache’ or a ‘rabbit ear’ shaped strip of a fabric that has a buttonhole at each end. These suspenders are commonly Y-back and have one attachment at the center of the back and two more attachments at the front.

The most famed category of button-on suspenders are the leather ends, which constitute leather, which is sewn together along the midline.

Suspender buttons

Runner-ends or fabric ends are found on pricey and high class suspenders, which are intended to grace formal events. The fabric gives this suspender a more sophisticated and formal look. Runner ends have similar functions as the leather ends suspenders.

There are suspenders that are made to suit occupations that involve a lot of heavy lifting and friction. These are the Firefighter, Rugged Comfort suspenders, which have an Industrial leather button-on attachment to give increased support and better fit than normal button-on suspenders. The difference is only in the looks and design but are all made to perform the same function.


Types of belt attachments

These type of suspenders are made to be worn alongside the belt rather than excluding the belt.

The Perry Belt Clips are named after their inventor. They are made of heavy duty plastic that fits around the circumference of the waist around the belt. These clips have an additional advantage since they are airport friendly. These type of suspenders if worn without a metal belt buckle, can cause you to bypass the airport security system without triggering any alarm.

Suspender hooks

Belt-loop style have a loop into which the belt slides through, just like belt loops.


Skinny vs. wide suspenders: What’s the best choice?

Choosing the correct width of suspenders is tricky since they are available in all manner of widths. There is no absolute width of suspenders to choose from. All widths are just fine since the choice would be hinged on the occasion or look that you are dressing for. Here is a demonstration on how to settle on the right width:

  • Skinny suspenders: these are not meant for formal appearances but rather are fashion statements. They are splendid since they go hand in hand with modern trends such as skinny jeans. They however are not so great in holding up your trousers.
  • Wide suspenders: these are more functional that stylish. They are excellent in holding trousers up, and give a stronger and bolder statement.
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Choosing The Right Suspender Size And Width

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choosing suspender width

Coming to a decision on which suspender is the right one will all rest upon the physique of the wearer; the height, weight, musculature and body complexion. This, alongside the position at which you wear your trousers should be given deeper thought before buying a suspender.

To avoid having the wrong choice, you are obliged to take the relevant body measurements with a tape measure, of the person who is interested on a certain type of suspenders. The main measurement should begin at the front on the top of the waistband, all the way diagonally to the opposite shoulder, and finally to the point of attachment at the back to know how long the suspender needs to be.

 choosing suspender width

All suspenders have some amount of give to them

Elastic suspenders are stretchy while the non-elastic ones have an elastic piece just under the intersection point at the back which allows for stretching, in case the person who is wearing the suspender is bulky or has more muscle mass.

Nearly all suspenders can be adjusted courtesy of the metal adjusters that are strategically placed at the front. These are moved upwards or downwards to increase or decrease the entire length of the suspenders. It is advised that the metal adjuster should fall around the level of your chest for well-fitting size of suspenders. The position at which the metal adjuster is positioned depends on your chest measurements. For example, a 42 inch chest with a 42 inch suspender will have the metal adjuster closer to the trouser, while a 48 inch suspender will have the adjuster almost at the middle of your chest.


Sizing by height

It may be in vain to buy suspenders for someone as a gift without having them take measurements first. Very minimal errors can be made unconsciously and alter the whole appearance. In such instances, the best option would be to buy one while approximating the body build and also the height. The following illustration can be a quick guide when doing so:

Size Length of suspenders Generally fits people:
small 36 inches Under 5’6” tall
medium 42 inches 5’6” to 5’10” tall
large 48 inches 5’9” to 6’2” tall
X-large 52 inches 6’1” to 6’5” tall

These guidelines are more applicable in non-elastic or leather suspenders. Elastic suspenders are stretchier, however, the same approach should be undertaken.


How to choose the right width

There seems to be a huge tussle in getting to pick the right width of suspender, considering that it is made from very thin fabrics. However, the main theme to have in mind is that suspender designs are scaled; the more slender it is made, it looks more casual while wider ones are classic and formal.


.75” – skinny

Type: skinny

Look: adds more class and fashion to a casual look

Who: best on slender people

Wear with: khakis, T-shirts, jeans, dress shirts; worn over a slim fitting sweater

Wear to: casual date nights, weddings, office


1” – all terrain

Type: moderate between skinny and formal. It is considered as a good option for both casual and formal events.

Look: casual or dressy

Who: best look is on skinny people

Wear with: dress shirts and dress pants, T-shirts, khakis, jeans

Wear to: date night out, casual weddings, streetwear, and office casual


1.25” – modern

Type: this is best for 1.5” braces in males

Look: in between formal and casual. It can grace both outfits quite well

Who: suitable for almost all body figures from slender to bulky

Wear with: dress pants, jeans, khakis, suits or a tuxedo

Wear to: work, weddings, formal events, fundraisers, cocktail party, and as just casual wear


1.5” – traditional

Type: this is the best choice of suspenders in business and formal meetings

Look: dressy, formal, classy

Who: all body frames, from slim to bulky

Wear with: suit, tux, dress pants, dress shirt

Wear to: work and work occasions, formal meetings, fundraisers, red carpet events and chichi parties



Suspenders have been around longer than a century now and can become the ideal clothing accessory. They were meant to be worn as undergarment to serve the same purpose as the belt, but they nonetheless have become iconic in the 20th century, and are fashionable if seen. There are different varieties of suspenders all having very different finishes: the Y-back suspender and X-back suspenders which are made to either attach with buttons or clips. Fabrics of suspenders are either elastic or non-elastic which is a huge step in making sure everyone gets to have one that fits and is comfortable. Suspenders are not just meant to hold up pants, they are an easy way to stand up above the rest in the fashion industry, a bold statement that is acceptable for both formal and casual wear.




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Differences in the way in which men and women wear suspenders

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Men's suspenders

The history of suspenders can be traced back to the 18th century, and were basically bands of ribbon. Initially, they were attached to trouser buttonholes and also comprised undergarment back in the day. Thanks to Albert Thurston in the 1820’s, an upgraded design of suspenders was made, still present to date. Suspenders became more prominent since they efficiently fulfilled the task in wearing high-waist trousers that were much common back then among men.

Suspenders are a basic need for the fashionable man: they are comfortable, yet are up to par with modern style.

What are suspenders?

These are long bands of fabric whose sole purpose is to maintain the level of your trouser. Suspenders are worn over the shoulders, and cling onto trousers by use of clips or buttons. The rear portion of a suspender has either “X”, or “Y”, or “H” shape which provide additional support and restricts the suspender from sliding into either side of your shoulders. The “H” variety are more prevalent to firefighters while the other two are the universal styles. Dat zijn goede bretels met knopen.


Styles that men wear suspenders

Suits: suspenders are catchy with a suit, however, they should never be worn if they are fabricated with clips; only buttons.  Suspenders are versatile: they both are spectacular with a normal tie or bow ties and can really bring out the vintage appearance in you if matched correctly.

The way that men wear suspenders is up to them. Fastening can be done prior to wearing the trouser or after, it’s just a matter of preference and taste.

Casual: many finishes can bring out a casual look: skinny, colored, printed, or even leather made. Fashion sense stipulates that suspenders look more attractive with shirts although with proper matching and mixing can also be worn with T-shirts. Confidence is the key when trying out a new design of suspenders, just never overdo it with unnecessary fashion statements which exaggerate the look.

Suspenders with a bow tie: this is an acceptable style for all times. The most important detail is color, and should not be overdone. Otherwise this is a huge plus altogether.

Suspenders with a vest: a clear cut difference should be made between formal and casual when rocking suspenders. Nonetheless, this style goes quite well in both spheres. It is a perfect outfit for dinner, attending class, a night out or even a formal occasion.

Suspenders with jeans: this may be difficult to successfully pull off. It is not as easy as picking a suspender from the drawer and voila! Much detail has to be paid when choosing your shirt as it should be in congruence with the desired look. Preferably put on a button up shirt or a flannel for an up-to-the-minute look. If you desire a strong-featured look, go for a dual clipped suspender.

Women suspenders

Women have a much wider variety to choose from, but many will still go for those with a thinner width for a less bulky look on smaller frames. Thin suspenders is the choice from many women. Ladies usually adorn themselves with suspenders to look bolder and to have her stand above the rest.

The following are some of the varieties of suspenders available for the fair sex:

1 inch

¾ inch

½ inch

1 ½ inch


Polka dot




Colors of female suspenders are diverse. There are solid colored range from neutral to neon, which may also include other varieties such as polka dots. The choice is yours and should be made after considering the wardrobe. Glitter suspenders are resourceful in adding glamor to daily life. If you are considering a getting that vintage look, choose the skinny suspenders which are also available in many color options to revive the old fashion.

Women suspenders are mainly furnished with clips. However, more daring ladies can go for those with buttons and still work as well for a variety of outfits. The clipped types have the X-back style with a chic nickel hardware for longevity and comfort for wearing the whole day. Female suspenders are a playful method of adding fun to almost any outfit.

 women's suspenders

Styles that women wear suspenders

With a skater skirt: works with any black skater skirt, and looks good with basically any outfit.

Business casual: suspenders are adorable with tailored outfits. Whether you’re heading out, or to the office, they bring out the office lady.

With baggy jeans: choose a neutral color of suspenders alongside baggy boyfriend jeans and oversized sweaters. To stand above the rest, use a variety of colors

With trousers: this takes fashion up a notch, while remaining complex and exquisite.

Draped over one shoulder: defy the norm and drape the suspender diagonally over one shoulder. Its stylish and one step ahead of fashion.

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